Second International Conference on Arctic Research Planning ICARP II

Photo: Arctic ResearchThe Second International Conference on Arctic Research Planning (ICARP II) was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 10-12 November 2005. It brought together scientists, policy makers, research managers, indigenous peoples, and others interested in and concerned about the future of Arctic research.

ICARP II was structured around twelve major areas of potential research needs, each of which has been led by an international team of scientists and other experts (e.g., elders and other leaders in the Indigenous communities of the North).

This process led to the analyses and recommendations, the results of which are documented in eleven Science Plans and a Background Paper on Contaminants.


The eleven Science Plans and the Background Paper can be downloaded here:

Sustainability Issues: Sustainable Development and Arctic Economies

Indigenous Residents: Indigenous Peoples and Change in the Arctic

Coastal: Arctic Coastal Processes 

Central Basin: Deep Central Basin of the Arctic Ocean 

Margins: Arctic Ocean Margins and Gateways

Shelf Seas: Arctic Shelf Seas

Cryo/Hydrosphere: Terrestrial Cryospheric and Hydrologic Processes and Systems

Biosphere: Terrestrial and Freshwater Biosphere and Biodiversity

Modeling: Modeling and Predicting Arctic Weather, Climate and Ecosystems

Vulnerabilities: Resilience, Vulnerability and Rapid Change

Science & Public Issues: Science in the Public Interest 

Background paper on Contaminants: Presence and Fate of Heavy Metals, Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs), Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Radionuclides